Which processes are prone to quality problems in steel structure workshop?

Which processes are prone to quality problems in steel structure workshop?

With the continuous development of modern construction technology, many building structures are using steel structure as the main load-bearing structure.Because of the particularity of steel structure, steel structure building is higher than traditional building structure in shape and safety.Steel structure workshop is the product of the development of construction technology. The reason why steel structure workshop is favored by most people is that it has its own unique advantages, processing performance of materials and good mechanical properties, which greatly strengthens the overall strength of steel structure workshop, and improves the bearing capacity and overall bearing performance of steel structure workshop.Steel structure workshop is generally used as industrial workshop, but it is not excluded as other structural buildings. The main construction purpose is to construct according to the preference of the owners. 

Steel structure workshop processing

Steel structure workshop in the processing process will also encounter a variety of quality problems, so steel structure plant is easy to produce quality problems in which process?Here is a brief introduction.


 1、 Setting out and blanking process.The lofting and blanking of steel structure workshop is the premise of steel member processing and manufacturing. When setting out and blanking, it is necessary to process according to the requirements of design drawings. Most of the time, it is because the construction personnel ignore the importance of drawing requirements and carry out processing and manufacturing without permission, which makes the processing quality of steel components not meet the requirements, which seriously affects the next process, making the steel structure workshopAs a result, the quality of the whole frame structure decreases.


 2、 Assembly process.The assembly process of the steel structure workshop is a very important installation step in the whole structure. Whether the structure of the steel structure workshop is stable and firm depends on the quality of the assembly process.The assembly process of the steel structure workshop is affected by the processing and blanking factors. Most of the time, it is because the processing quality of the steel components is not up to standard, which leads to the decline of the overall installation quality and progress. There are also the deviation of the steel components, the construction personnel do not pay attention to the construction steps, and the installation errors of the steel components. These are the quality problems easily occurred in the assembly process, so the steel Attention should be paid to these problems when installing the structural workshop. 

Steel structure workshop processing construction steps

3、 Welding process.The steel structure workshop adopts welding as one of the main connection methods of steel members, and the non connecting parts are connected by bolts.Welding is one of the more hidden processes. There are many engineering cases of back welding due to unqualified welding quality, and the welding quality is related to the connection quality of the whole structure. The steel structure workshop should be welded by professional welders, and the welding must be full welding without missing welding. After welding, flaw detection should be carried out to check whether the welding meets the standard.


 4、 Painting process.The coating of steel structure workshop is the premise of improving the performance of anti-corrosion and fire prevention. The thickness of coating and the quality of coating all affect the anti-corrosion and fire-proof performance of steel structure workshop.The problem of paint film falling off is that the thickness of paint film is not enough and the paint film is not distributed on the surface.Therefore, the steel structure workshop in the painting process should pay attention to these problems, improve the construction quality of steel structure workshop.


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