What should be paid attention to when machining steel structure member?

What should be paid attention to when machining steel structure member

For the steel members to be machined, attention should be paid to the quality of the bars before machining, and the operator must adhere to the following work.


   1、 Before the steel structure member is machined, check whether the flat, straight and twisted deformation of the member to be machined is within the scope of the specification requirements, and the parts with excessive deformation shall be rejected.The operator should not only pay attention to the machining and ignore the problem of excessive deformation of machined parts.The uneven, non straight and distorted deformation of steel structure processing parts will cause the milling and planed surface can not be used.Therefore, we must adhere to the quality review of machined parts before machining.


    2、 For the determination of machining reference line of machined workpiece, the reference line of machining has been specified in the previous process (the sample has been punched and printed), and the exact total processing length size shall be obtained from the previous process, and then the operator shall review it in person and confirm the total length between the reference line and the reference line before processing. The above process only tells the machining process the total length after machiningThe operator shall determine the datum line by himself. The operator shall measure the required size from the middle part of the total length of the workpiece to the two ends of the workpiece to obtain the machining reference line.It is not allowed to measure the machining datum line based on the rough surface of the blank workpiece, because the rough surface of the blank processing part is uneven, it is impossible to determine any edge or surface according to this.


    3、 Before machining the steel structure, first place the workpiece on the machining jig frame and position it close to the jig frame. The backup part and the machined tool surface should be at 90 degrees. After confirming that there is no error, the fixture is used to clamp and fix the workpiece and the machining jig frame.


    4、 When starting machining, the operator and the surrounding safety protection work must be in place. When the cutting force is applied to the machine tool, check whether the fixed processing parts are abnormal, and solve the problems in time. The feeding amount of the machine tool should not be too much, and the operation must be carried out according to the machining specification, otherwise the end face precision after machining can not meet the standard requirements.

Post time: Aug-05-2020