What should be paid attention to in the design and manufacture of steel structure

What should be paid attention to in the design and manufacture of steel structure


fixture mould

 In the manufacturing process of steel structure components, the fixture jig plays an important role in the relevant production process. Therefore, the design of fixture fixture fixture must be combined with the actual needs of engineering structure.A reasonable and practical fixture mould can only be used effectively in manufacturing after many modifications.In the process of processing and manufacturing, the feasible clamping fixture can make the operator work flexibly and conveniently, which can effectively guarantee the quality and safety, and finally improve the production efficiency.  

    Most of the clamping tools required for steel structure processing and manufacturing are small improvements and innovations of the existing equipment, which fully reflects the wisdom of the workers. The clamping fixture should be adaptable, and based on the setting module, it is flexible and convenient to operate and has high accuracy. It can reduce manual operation and reduce the randomness in the process of steel structure processing and manufacturing, so as to stabilize and improve the quality of steel components.High productivity guarantees.  

     The design of clamping fixture should be carried out according to the characteristics of the steel components of the project, combined with the requirements of the production process, and depending on the production capacity. If the production batch is large, and the typical structure with the same size and specification, and high technical requirements, the fixture mould assembly must be designed and manufactured. The original fixed and universal mold in the factory should be continuously improved and repaired to ensure normal use.No matter the general structure or the typical structure, we should pay attention to the use of jig according to the needs of the production process. Practice has proved that the use of jig is conducive to the production progress, product quality and safety production.  

      The steel structure processing and manufacturing is completed in the factory. According to the processing drawings, the steel plates of corresponding materials are cut, assembled, welded, polished and derusted, and the products are inspected in the factory by the overseas supervisor. After passing the acceptance, the goods are delivered by packing truck

Post time: Jul-31-2020