What are the unsafe factors in the construction of steel structure?

What are the unsafe factors in the construction of steel structure?

Steel structure construction is also a very important project in the construction project. As we all know, the construction project has a certain degree of risk.After all, sometimes you need to work in high altitude, so you must wear a helmet.So, following the HJSD steel structure small series to see what unsafe factors exist in the construction of steel structure?

HJSD steel structure

   Unsafe factors of steel structure engineering construction include electric leakage, electric shock, collision, hoisting falling, overturning, and injury caused by illegal operation, such as grinding wheel grinding to oneself, standing in front of hammers and operating jacks, standing under crane boom Etc., affecting personal safety.Another example is that the health care of the staff is not enough, the site environment is poor, and the workshop ventilation is poor; the flue gas cannot be eliminated during welding, and at the same time, the air jet, sand blasting and welding operations are carried out, which not only has excessive noise and dust, but also has excessive harmful gas, which has a harmful impact on the health of employees.

   In the process of fabrication and installation of steel structure, attention should be paid to the prevention of unsafe factors in construction and safety management should be strengthened, and all kinds of safety regulations, systems and standards should be formulated; in view of various unsafe factors in the construction process of steel structure engineering, safety technical measures should be taken to eliminate and control safety;At the same time, strengthen safety training, safety education, safety technical disclosure and inspection, and timely deal with hidden dangers affecting safety.In addition, attention should be paid to improving the production environment and working health conditions, strengthening inspection, strict monitoring, and eliminating the harm of noise, dust, smoke, toxic gas and harmful chemical elements on human health.

  The above points are the unsafe factors of HJSD steel structure construction. If you want to know more information, please visit our website

Post time: Jul-10-2020