What are the methods of making steel structure into shed

What are the methods of making steel structure into shed

The application of steel structure is more and more extensive. Steel structure is used in commercial city, garden landscape and other aspects.Whether it’s a mall or a community, parking garage is essential.In order to ensure the safety of everyone’s life, many accidents will occur when the parking shed is created. Therefore, the following four points should be paid attention to when making the parking shed:


  1. all the structures of the steel structure parking shed shall be square steel welded keel frame, and all the structures shall be anti-rust treated, brushed with anti-rust primer for three times, and painted with white car paint. The main column of the parking shed shall be 150 × 150 galvanized square tube as the support column of the parking shed. All the structures of the shed shall be strong, shock resistant, wind resistant and corrosion-resistant.


  2.According to the professional steel structure installation personnel, the top sealing plate of the parking shed is made of the tan (color can be selected) sunlight plate, which is riveted and fixed with the whole framework of the shed with the pressure strip, which is acid and alkali resistant and has enough strength to protect the vehicles in the shed.


  3. the steel structure parking shed in Guiyang is welded with the structure of the shed by Φ 38 galvanized round pipe. The strength of the top of the shed is strengthened, which can make the shed feel broad and bright, the parking vehicles are easy and convenient, and fully meet the requirements of the parking shed production.


  4.10 mm thick steel plate and embedded parts shall be used for solid welding at the foot of the column of the parking shed. After the embedded parts are poured with concrete during the parking shed of the device, they shall be connected with the vertical by bolts. The wind resistance coefficient is high, which can increase the overall strength of the parking shed and resist the hurricane above level 12.


Hongjishunda Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a prudent installation project. Although it is basically a relatively large membrane structure, there are also many small parts. During the installation, we must pay great attention to many small details, so that we can use it for a long time.

Post time: Jun-22-2020