What are the construction methods of steel structure corridor?

What are the construction methods of steel structure corridor

In recent years, with the increase of building volume, in order to meet the requirements of building function and appearance modeling, some construction projects need to use steel structure corridor to connect two buildings with different functions.This kind of structure can not only satisfy the use function, but also become a unique landscape.In case of earthquake and natural disasters, the two main structures connected will interact with each other due to the existence of the corridor, resulting in the coupling phenomenon, which makes the stress of the connection part become very complex.The design and treatment of the connection between the corridor and the main structure is the key to the structural design of the corridor. 


1、 Steel structure corridor strong connection, rigid connection is a kind of strong connection between corridor and tower, which can transfer axial force, shear force and bending moment between two towers.Corridor and tower structure is a whole, which is its great advantage.In general, the stiffness of the two towers must be consistent with each other.The corridor with rigid connection should not only bear its own dead load and live load, but also coordinate the uniform deformation of different towers under horizontal action. 


2、 The weak connection of steel structure corridor makes it difficult to coordinate the deformation and internal force of two buildings when the structural differences between the two buildings are large and the height and shape structure system are not consistent. The corridor is generally large in span, small in width and height, and difficult to coordinate the deformation and internal force of the two buildings.At this time, we should consider the form of weak connection.The weak connection corridor and the main body of the structure have little interaction. Generally, one end of the corridor is hinged with the tower, and the other end is sliding connection.With this connection method, the stress of the corridor will be relatively simple. It does not need to coordinate the deformation between the two towers. It only needs to bear its own gravity and earthquake action, and there is no interaction between the towers.However, it is required that the sliding end will have a certain amount of sliding under the horizontal load, and at the same time, it should also prevent rollover and stability under normal use.The safety of the corridor is very important, and the performance-based design method is required to design the steel structure corridor, that is, the corridor should be used normally under the action of small earthquake and wind, and the corridor should not collapse under the action of large earthquake.

Post time: Aug-05-2020