Trivium shares new photos of the aircraft hangar band headquarters

Back in August last year, when it felt like a peak pandemic but in the end it was only the beginning, Trivium announced that they had purchased an abandoned aircraft hangar, and they planned to transform it into an all-encompassing band headquarters, shocking the metal industry rehearsal space, Recording studios, live performance venues, storage rooms, and everything the band might need. Although this news is a bit harsh for the system due to its large nature, it is difficult for you to find anyone who thinks this is a bad idea…On the contrary, it is almost universally regarded as an excellent investment.
Almost a year after the purchase, the band has now entered the refurbishment process, they plan to do it in stages, it is estimated that it will take several years, and they have shared some photos of the progress on social media. The new snapshot shows a mostly completed rehearsal space above the main library floor and a storage room below it, which contains an impressive array of equipment (this space is said to eventually become a studio). We can also see the front of the hangar where the live performance space is located.
All this looks like hell. Can you imagine being part of this process? Trivium is basically building the ultimate tree house/clubhouse/hanging area/human cave. We have been dreaming and fantasizing since we were young. This is their reality. Astonishing!
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Post time: Jul-23-2021