Steel structure is the solution of ice

Steel structure is the solution of ice

The domestic steel industry, which is struggling in the severe market winter, is in urgent need of an ice breaking journey of recovery.Where is the future?”The steel structure should be an icebreaker to solve the problem.”Domestic experts have given their own answers.  

 ”Steel storage warehouse” with recovery rate up to 90%  

 ”Promote the low-carbon and green development of the iron and steel industry, and develop in harmony with the city.”Zhang Guangning, President of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, said so.The industry generally believes that this is to the steel structure and other green buildings to throw out cooperation hydrangea.   

 ”The relationship between the steel industry and the steel structure can be described as’ fit and match ‘Shan yinmu, chairman of Hangxiao Steel Structure Co., Ltd., said that steel structure construction has the advantage of steel recovery rate as high as 90%. Once it can be built in large quantities, the steel structure building will become a “steel storage warehouse”.In fact, the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of building steel structure industry also points out that during the 12th Five Year Plan, China should gradually realize that the construction steel structure materials account for 10% of the total national steel production, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry.   

 Clear the forbidden area   

 Welcome the wave of green building upgrade   

 Recently, more than 160 domestic agents from 27 provinces and autonomous regions of China inspected the well-known steel structure security housing project under construction in Qianjiang Century City, a special talent housing project in Qianjiang Century City, held by Hangxiao steel structure in 2015.   

 How big is it?According to the data, by the end of the 13th five year plan, the steel consumption for steel structure construction can be increased to 70 million tons. If the collaborative efforts of policy and industry are added, the domestic steel consumption for steel structure is expected to exceed 100 million tons.  

 ”In the agent mode, we strengthen resource sharing with agents through decathlon support means such as regional support, operation support, technical support, training, materials, marketing, etc., so as to get closer to the steel structure market demand.”Steel structure experts said.

Post time: Jul-24-2020