Steel structure engineering foundation bolt displacement can not install steel components?

Steel structure engineering foundation bolt displacement can not install steel components?

The foundation of steel structure engineering is very important. The stability of a structure depends on the quality of the foundation.If the foundation technology construction of the steel structure engineering is not in place, it will easily lead to the foundation subsidence after the completion of the steel structure plant construction in the later stage, which will lead to the instability of the whole steel structure project.So how to deal with the situation that the bolt displacement of steel structure engineering foundation can not be installed?   

 Today, the 3D steel structure is compiled to share with you that the displacement of the anchor bolt cast at one time during the foundation construction of the steel structure project is inconsistent with the specified position, and its screw is bent and some bolt threads are damaged. How to deal with the problem that the steel column base cannot be installed stably?   


 The foundation bolt is damaged due to the deformation of the bolt and the bolt embedded in the foundation after the screw thread is bent and fixed. 

Foundation bolt of steel structure engineering

  2.Preventive measures   

   1)Before embedding the anchor bolts, the setting out and positioning shall be accurate, and the concrete can be poured after rechecking. During the pouring process, the bolt positioning shall be checked and paid attention to at any time;  

   2)After pouring, the anchor bolts shall be protected by boxes, boxes, etc., and it is forbidden to use the embedded anchor bolts for pulling or rectifying the construction;  

   3)Before the installation of steel structure, the tapered nut and sleeve shall be used to protect the thread; during the hoisting, straightening and positioning of the steel column, the column base shall be placed slowly to prevent the bolt from bending and damaging the thread.  

   3Governance methods   

   1)In case of displacement of foundation bolt, it is necessary to cut off the original anchor bolt according to the specific situation and with the consent of the design. Holes or holes can be drilled according to the design requirements. Repair welding bolts and welded casing are used for reinforcement. The diameter of screw hole on the bottom plate of column shall be enlarged accordingly.  

   2)When the screw is bent and the thread is damaged, the screw can be heated and straightened without changing the material, specification and strength of the original foot bolt, if the bending is not serious and the thread can be repaired;In case of serious damage to oil bending and thread grabbing, the original screw can be cut off at the proper position of the non threaded section, and a new section can be connected by electric welding according to the specification, material and length requirements.Before welding, a 45 ‘groove should be machined around the screw at the upper end of the joint (the upper end of the bottom section is made into a table without groove).In order to ensure the strength of the joint, the casing with the same length shall be welded in the non threaded section after welding, and the screw hole of the column bottom plate shall be expanded to match the diameter of the casing. 

Post time: Aug-05-2020