Steel structure derusting method to understand

Steel structure derusting method to understand

As we all know, steel structure must be made of steel. In addition, it is outdoor work. After a long time of wind and sun, it is more difficult to want not to rust. Basically, after a long time outside, there will be rust. After rusting, the appearance will be affected. Of course, if there is no used product, if the embroidery is not removed, then Later use will have a certain impact, so let’s learn about the rust removal method of steel structure?

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1.Pickling rust removal is to dip the steel components to be coated in the acid pool, and remove the oil and rust on the surface of the components with acid.The pickling process has high efficiency and thorough rust removal. However, the components must be washed with hot water or clean water after pickling. If there is residual acid, the corrosion of components will be more severe.

2.Manual derusting is to remove the rust on steel members by using some relatively simple tools, such as scraper, grinding wheel, abrasive cloth, wire brush, etc.This method has low efficiency, poor working conditions and incomplete rust removal.

3.Sand blasting derusting is a kind of derusting method that uses the pressure of compressed air to continuously impact the surface of steel members with quartz sand or iron sand to clean up the rust, oil and other impurities on the steel surface, and expose the natural color of metal steel.This method has the advantages of high efficiency and thorough derusting.

   The above points are the rust removal method of steel structure. Today, I will talk about it first.For more information, please visit HJSD steel structure website.

Post time: Jul-10-2020