Steel structure company tells you how to reduce steel structure engineering quotation

Steel structure company tells you how to reduce steel structure engineering quotation

With the rapid development of economy, the global energy crisis is becoming more and more serious.In the case of industry profit decline, the project cost of steel structure enterprises and the control of steel structure Quotation have attracted much attention. How to choose steel structure scheme, create more profits with limited cost and produce higher product value is the problem that every steel structure industry employee should think about.


 With the continuous increase of national steel production, the amount of steel is also increasing year by year. More and more factories choose to use steel structure, and the application of steel structure engineering has become widespread. However, different businesses and different material prices have great differences. For how much water content, many non professional and even professional people are difficult to calculate such a steel structure engineering budgetHow much, but this is also relatively complex, all kinds of costs need to be calculated! 

Steel structure engineering construction

We all know that most of the steel structure project budget depends on the amount of steel used in the project. In order to save the cost, how can we choose the steel structure scheme to reduce the steel consumption and further reduce the quotation of Shandong steel structure project?Steel structure company tells you how to reduce the quotation of steel structure project?Shandong Sanwei steel structure company has put forward the following scheme:


   1.Selection of column spacing


 The comparison of economic column spacing shows that the economical column under standard load is 8 ~ 9 M. when it exceeds 9 m, the steel consumption of roof purlin and wall frame system increases too much, and the comprehensive cost is not economic.Therefore, when the load is greater, the column spacing should be reduced accordingly.In general, the economic column spacing should be 6 ~ 7m for plants with more than 10 tons.When arranging column spacing, if unequal column spacing is needed, the end span should be arranged smaller than the middle span as far as possible. In addition, when using continuous purlin design, using smaller end span can make roof purlin design more convenient and economical.


   2.Determination of reasonable span


 In general, when the column height and load are fixed, properly increasing the span can not only save space, but also reduce the cost of foundation, and the comprehensive benefit is considerable.Therefore, when designing the portal steel frame, the reasonable span should be determined according to the height of the house, and the correct choice is not to blindly pursue the large span.


   3.Roof slope selection 

Steel structure engineering budget

The results show that different roof slope has a great influence on the steel consumption of steel frame, generally 1 / 10 ~ 1 / 30.According to the test, for single span steel frame, reducing the weight of steel frame is a better way to increase the roof slope, and the greater the slope, the more steel consumption will be saved.However, for the multi span steel frame, the situation is different. The large slope will increase the steel consumption of the frame, which is because the large slope will lead to the increase of the length of the inner column.


   4.Cornice height selection


 The cornice height has a great impact on the cost. The increase of cornice height will lead to the increase of wall purlins and the steel consumption of columns.

Post time: Aug-05-2020