Quality control process of steel structure construction

Quality control process of steel structure construction


 Overall quality control flow chart of steel structure construction


 1、 Do a good job of preparation before the commencement of the project


   (1) Strengthen the joint examination of construction drawings.Drawings are the basis of engineering construction. Before the commencement of the project, the project control organization should organize the control personnel to be familiar with the engineering drawings and the relevant specifications, standards and technical conditions of the project, and fully understand the design intent.


   (2) Carefully review the construction organization design of steel structure installation.Construction organization design is a technical document for the construction unit to comprehensively guide the implementation of the project. The perfection of the construction organization design directly affects the quality and progress of the project.Therefore, the construction organization design review of steel structure installation engineering should be targeted and focused.


 The key contents of the review are as follows:


   a. Establishment of quality assurance system and technical management system;


   b. Training certificate and work license for special type of work;


   c. Application of new technology;


   d. Pertinence of the project;


   e. Quality and progress control measures and methods;


   f. Arrangement of construction plan (construction period).


 2、 Strengthen the quality control in the process of site construction


   (1) Do a good job in quality control of steel structure foundation engineering.The foundation of steel structure engineering generally adopts the concrete independent column foundation. The construction process and method of the concrete, reinforcement and formwork of the foundation are the same as those of other projects. The embedded bolts in the independent column of the foundation are the key points of quality control. The distance and height deviation between single bolt and each group of bolts directly affect the installation quality of steel structure engineering. We are in the control of qualityIn the process of quantity control, the construction unit must strictly control it.


   (2) The quality control of main works of steel structure.


   a. Quality acceptance of steel members.The processing of steel components has been industrialized production, so the quality acceptance of steel components is very important. 


  b. Quality control of steel member installation.During the installation of columns and beams, it is mainly to check whether the pad iron under the column bottom plate is padded and leveled, whether the column is vertical and displacement, whether the beam is vertical, straight and lateral bending, the tightening degree of bolts and the cleaning of friction surface. Lifting can be carried out after passing the acceptance.When the steel structure is installed to form a space fixed unit and the acceptance is qualified, the construction unit is required to make the space between the column bottom plate and the top surface of the foundation compacted with expansive concrete for the second time.


   c. Bolt installation quality control.High strength bolts and common bolts are generally used for bolt connection in steel structure engineering. For ordinary bolt connection, more than two gaskets shall not be placed at one end of each bolt, and gas cutting shall not be used to enlarge the bolt hole, and the exposed thread after tightening shall not be less than 2 pitches;Before using the high strength bolt, we check the certificate and retest sheet of the bolt. During the installation process, the contact surface of the plate stack should be flat, the contact surface must be greater than 75%, and the edge gap should not be greater than 0.8mm. The high-strength bolt should be free to penetrate without knocking and hole enlargement.


   (3) Quality control of installation of doors and windows.There are two key points in the quality control of steel window installation. One is the inspection of steel window entry certificate, product test report and appearance.Second, the gap between the steel window and the column of the fixed steel window is controlled.If the column of fixed steel window is constructed first, the gap between steel window and column may be too large or the steel window cannot be installed.In the process of control, the construction unit is required to fix the column on one side of the steel window first, and then weld the column on the other side after the steel window is completely fixed in place, so as to ensure no gap between the steel window and the column.


 In order to ensure the quality control of steel structure in the construction process, we should strictly control the construction progress of steel structure in our country.

Post time: Aug-05-2020