Problems needing attention in design and construction of steel structure

Problems needing attention in design and construction of steel structure

The location of high-strength bolt should be reasonable, and the construction space of the torque breaker and torque wrench should be considered. Do not install the high-strength bolt because the space is too small and the torque wrench can not be in place, resulting in the failure to break the high-strength bolt plum head or the high-strength bolt cannot be tightened.I have encountered some designs that do not even give the position of the sleeve.


            If it is possible to connect plates with high strength bolts, symmetrical bolt arrangement method shall be adopted as far as possible.There used to be 4 joints on the top and 6 on the bottom. Some of them were turned upside down by the workers in the workshop. I’m sorry to come on site.


             If there is brick wall maintenance for light steel structure, it is necessary to connect with the construction unit and civil construction unit in advance, because it involves two aspects of civil engineering and steel structure, because the brick wall of civil engineering is likely to be uneven, but the flashing of color steel plate can not be done suddenly. As a result, the gap between color steel plate and brick wall is large and small, and the flashing treatment of color steel plate and brick wall is very good.It is difficult to do a good job, so that the construction unit is prepared in mind.


             The layout of roof purlin and the detailed drawing of steel beam should be carefully checked. It is often found that the number of purlins in the layout drawing of roof purlin is not in line with the detailed drawing of steel beam.


             The gusset plate has no stiffening rib, and some designers have not designed it, which results in deformation of gusset plate during subsequent welding.


             When the beam column is used as the tie bar connecting plate, the hole is not properly extended. In some places, because the connecting plate on the tie bar is too long, the space is too small and the tie bar is too long to put in.Some secondary beam structures often have this situation.


             When the strip window is made, the stiffening rib of purlin supporting plate faces the window direction, so when the strip window reaches this rib plate, it can not walk through.In addition, countersunk screws should be used when installing purlins with strip windows.


             The upper strip window of the door is too close to the upper frame of the door, so there is no awning position.


           The brace between the upper and lower purlins of the window frame is not well arranged, and the end of the brace conflicts with the window frame.


             The types of steel plate and high strength bolt should be minimized, and the cost of material test should be considered.In particular, when the construction is carried out in different places, some on-site supervisors do not recognize the tests made by the factory.You’re going to coordinate?


           The connection plate of purlin should not be designed as square as far as possible, so it is easy to reverse assembly in workshop.


             There is no insulation layer in the inner gutter, and a “cold bridge” is formed indoors, which causes dripping and condensation.Anti condensation paint shall be applied under the gutter, or polyurethane insulation layer shall be sprayed, and other heat preservation treatment can also be done.


Post time: Jul-09-2020