Opportunities and challenges coexist in steel structure industry

Opportunities and challenges coexist in steel structure industry

Opportunities and challenges coexist in steel structure industry

On the one hand, the development of green buildings poses a severe challenge to the habitual management of the construction steel structure industry enterprises.The “green” of green building runs through the whole life cycle of the building. Therefore, for the construction steel structure enterprises, the requirements for environmental protection measures and management have been greatly strengthened, no matter in the production workshop or in the construction site. There will inevitably be more stringent requirements for the industry’s unique noise, dust, energy consumption, sewage, garbage and other issues, which will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of enterprise management and control Operating costs.Most of the enterprises in this industry are short board in construction site management (the excellent project management achievement award of China Construction Industry Association has been selected for six times, and few other enterprises have won the award except those enterprises which have been transformed from large-scale state-owned construction enterprises to steel structure enterprises). The requirements of low-carbon construction management will certainly become a new topic and problem for enterprises.In order to achieve green construction and green construction, enterprises in the industry must further improve the level of green construction management, strengthen the whole process control of project implementation, and accelerate the transformation of construction methods and construction technologies – relying on the project to develop low-carbon construction processes and methods.


 On the other hand, green building requires steel structure enterprises to change their development mode and realize transformation and upgrading.The first is to transform the traditional operation mode into industrial production.Adhere to the market-oriented, enterprise as the main body, combine colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, take standardized building structures and accessories products as the core, take specialized, factory production and marketization as the organization mode, advocate the development concept of humanities, science and technology, green, and promote the industrial revolution in depth.Second, we need to do a good job in product transformation.Promote the continuous optimization and upgrading of the industry, and produce products that meet the green building standard of the whole life cycle of “high level of green building standard, high level of industrial production, high rate of field assembly”.Third, the whole industry chain should be “green”.Through the integrated service of architectural design and engineering management, the enterprise should better lead the market demand, promote the enterprise to conform to the development trend of green building, and truly build the integrated products of green, environmental protection and low carbon steel structure building system.


There are four main bottlenecks of steel structure housing in China:


First, construction cost.The cost of steel structure housing is higher than that of reinforced concrete housing (compared with reinforced concrete structure and wood structure housing, in addition to the high price of main materials, the cost of heat preservation, fire prevention, heat insulation, cooling, noise reduction, corrosion prevention and other costs are also higher).


Second, technical specifications.Relevant specifications and standards still need to be improved, and node treatment technology is still immature, such as technologies to solve sound insulation, thermal bridge, rain leakage, vibration, etc.


 Third, product research and development.The key is the “three board” system.”Three boards” refers to the exterior wall board, interior wall board and floor slab, which are the symbol and core of housing industrialization. It is required to achieve “light quality, high strength, excellent heat preservation and insulation performance, convenient installation, economic cost, durable”.However, unlike the main steel structure, the “three plate” system has mature theoretical system, normative standards and influential research results, most of which are the introduction and plagiarism of some foreign achievements.Although it has been studied for a long time and applied for many patents, the design standards and construction standards are not perfect, and there are no influential research results and major breakthroughs at home and abroad.


 Fourth, industrial alliance.The enterprises are independent, the technology and information exchange are not smooth, the R & D and promotion are lack of unified organization, and the level of standardization and modularization is not high; the products are different and the universality is not strong, which restricts the benign development of the industry, and makes the industry in an awkward situation of low acceptance in the market.


Enterprises are always the main body to promote the industrialization of steel structure housing. Only when enterprises break these bottlenecks, the spring of steel structure housing industrialization will come.


Post time: Jun-22-2020