Key points of steel structure installation construction scheme

Key points of steel structure installation construction scheme

The installation and construction of steel structure is an important part of steel structure, and it is also the content that must be understood during operation, so as to operate correctly and avoid illegal operation and improper operation.Now I will take some time to introduce the specific content, hoping to let you know more about steel structure.


1.Preparation before installation and construction

(1) The deviation of the foundation bearing surface, support and anchor bolt of Guiyang steel structure shall meet the relevant requirements.

(2) The anchor bolt can be placed on the fixed frame first, and then the concrete can be poured to ensure the accurate installation position.In addition, it can be applied with butter and covered with a sleeve to avoid damage to the bolt.


2.Key points of installation and construction

Apply anti-rust paint and putty: before painting, the metal surface shall be dry and clean without impurities and dirt.Brush and spray in place without omission.After the putty is dry, it shall be polished and cleaned.

Brush and apply the top coat: make sure that the top coat does not flow or fall, is full and even, and has the same color and luster, and check after completion.General steel structure of the top coat, to brush more than twice, not only once.

Application of phosphating primer: phosphating primer includes primer and phosphating solution.After the phosphating primer is applied, it will take two hours to apply other top coats or primers.After the primer is dried, if it is a uniform gray brown phosphating film, it indicates that it has met the requirements.

Base course treatment: after the surface is cleaned, it can be derusted. First, it should be treated manually, and then it should be polished with gauze to make its surface smooth.


3.Measures to prevent injury caused by falling objects

(1) Operators on the ground shall wear safety helmets.

(2) When the operator is working at height, the tools, spare parts, etc. to be used shall be placed in the tool bag and shall not be thrown at will to avoid personal injury.

(3) After the components are installed, the connection quality shall be checked, and the temporary fixing tools can be removed only after the connection is firm, reliable and safe.

(4) Temporary handrails shall be set at the hoisting site, and non staff are not allowed to enter.

Post time: Jun-15-2020