Influence of processing quality of steel components on installation of steel structure workshop

Influence of processing quality of steel components on installation of steel structure workshop

With the continuous development of the construction industry and the continuous innovation and innovation of technology, more and more buildings begin to use steel structure as the main load-bearing structure and the supporting structure of the frame, and the construction of steel structure building has also received a lot of attention.Steel structure workshop is the main embodiment of steel structure application in the construction industry, large space design, multi scheme separation space, so that the space can be reasonably planned and used, and become the preferred structure of contemporary construction workshop.The main body of the steel structure workshop is steel structure. Can brick wall be used for part of the strength? Materials can be selected according to the actual situation, but the main building component is still steel structure. 


Steel structure as the main component of the plant, then the processing quality of components for the installation of steel structure workshop how to affect?The accurate processing dimension of steel members is the basic and prerequisite to ensure the accuracy of overall structure size and the smooth installation of the workshop. It is necessary to accurately grasp the straightness and distortion of steel columns, the distance between the connecting holes of steel columns and steel beams and the bottom plates of columns, the machining accuracy of connecting holes, the straightness of roof beams and the processing accuracy of connecting plates of columns and beams, and the tie bars or supporting connecting plates on the beamsThe position dimension of column and purlin supporting plate are obtained. 


The processing size of the components of the workshop meets the relevant actual requirements, the distance between the hole position and the connecting plate can be consistent, and the installation will not be misplaced or the hole position is incorrect. In this way, the processing and manufacturing quality of the components can meet the actual requirements, so that there will be no various situations in the installation of the steel structure workshop structure, such as the inaccurate hole position, the normal installation, the length or straightness of the component.The straightness does not meet the requirements and is not connected with the corresponding components.Therefore, the processing and manufacturing of this component must be carried out according to the corresponding design drawings, and the processed steel members should also be inspected to confirm that the relevant steel members meet the actual requirements, and the workshop structure installation can meet the quality requirements.


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Post time: Aug-05-2020