How to choose materials for steel structure!

How to choose materials for steel structure!

        1.The waterproof materials selected for roof engineering shall meet the following requirements.The type, model and specification of waterproof materials shall be indicated on the drawings.The main physical properties shall comply with the relevant material quality index of this specification;

  2.When selecting roof waterproofing membrane, coating and joint sealing materials,

  3.Consider the conditions of construction environment and the operability of the process.The materials used shall be compatible under the following conditions: waterproof material (refers to coiled material, coating, the same below) and foundation treatment agent, waterproof material and adhesive, waterproof material and sealing material, waterproof material and protective layer coating, and the two kinds of waterproof materials are used in combination with foundation treatment agent and sealing material.

  4.According to the nature of the building and the function of the roof, waterproof materials should be selected.In addition to the specification requirements, the following requirements shall also be met: no exposed roof shall be used, and the adhesion to the base shall be strong, UV resistant and aging resistant.Waterproof material, with excellent ratio, acid rain resistance and puncture resistance.For the roof of upper body, waterproof materials with good puncture resistance, mildew resistance and high tensile strength should be used.For water storage roof and planting roof, waterproof materials with excellent corrosion resistance, mould resistance and puncture resistance shall be used.Roofs of large-span buildings, such as thin shells, prefabricated structures and steel structures, should be made of waterproof materials with light weight, high heat resistance and good adaptability to deformation.For inverted roof, waterproof materials with anti deformation ability and high joint sealing guarantee rate shall be used.For sloping roofs, waterproof materials with strong adhesion to the foundation layer and sensitive to temperature shall be used.The roof seam is sealed and waterproof.It should be selected from the base layer with strong adhesion, low temperature resistance and sealing.


Post time: Jul-16-2020