Eight key points of steel structure design

Eight key points of steel structure design

In the whole process of steel structure design, attention should be paid to conceptual design.It is particularly important in the stage of structure selection and layout.Some of them are difficult to make accurate and reasonable analysis, or based on unclear specifications and mechanical relations, from the overall system structure and system damage mechanism, damage design, test phenomenon and engineering experience, from the overall layout and the detailed measures to determine the control structure.The use of conceptual design can be quickly and effectively conceived, compared and selected in the early stage.The calculation of the structure is simple and accurate, avoiding unnecessary operation in the structural analysis stage.


steel structure is divided into two stages: design drawing, design drawing and construction detail drawing.The design drawings are provided by the design unit, and the construction details are usually made by the steel structure manufacturing company according to the design drawings, and sometimes by the design unit.Due to the increasing number of steel structure projects in recent years, steel structure engineers are lack in design institutes, and the ability of steel structure enterprises to participate in design drawings is also very common.


         For steel structure reinforcement design, attention should be paid to reinforcement design and construction methods.Effective measures should be taken to ensure the reliable connection between the new parts, components and the original structure to form a whole work and avoid adverse effects on unreinforced parts or components.


         Generally speaking, the main method of steel structure reinforcement is to reduce the load, change the calculation diagram, increase the cross-section and connection strength of the original member, and prevent crack propagation.When the steel structure has mature experience, other methods can be used for reinforcement.


Post time: Jul-09-2020