Do you understand the general design principles of steel structure

Multi-span Easy Install Prefabricated Steel Building (3)

Steel structure is a rising industry in recent years. It is used in many buildings. What principles should be understood in the use of steel structure? 

  1.First of all, to understand the actual situation of the project and master the actual information of the project can we design a reasonable scheme 

  2.Reasonable selection of materials, structural scheme and structural measures.Materials include materials, specifications, quantity, etc. the scheme mainly refers to the structural form. 

  3.Meet the strength stability and stiffness requirements of structural members in the process of transportation, installation and use.This is what design has to do. 

  4.Meet the requirements of fire prevention and corrosion prevention.The contents of fire protection code and anti-corrosion code can be used. 

  5.General and standardized structures and components are preferred to reduce the production and installation workload.

Post time: Jul-16-2020