Brief discussion on safety management of steel structure engineering construction

21 common problems encountered in steel structure design and construction

Abstract: in construction engineering, steel structure engineering is widely used in industrial plants, civil buildings, bridges.The traditional brick concrete structure has been gradually replaced, the superiority of steel structure engineering is more and more recognized by people, and the quality and safety issues are also widely valued.Safety construction is an important link in the construction of steel structure engineering. To achieve safe construction, ensure the life safety of participants and improve the progress and efficiency of the project, safety management must be strengthened.According to the author’s management experience and Practice for many years, this paper discusses how to make safety management measures in the construction process of steel structure engineering, and puts forward personal understanding and opinions.For the industry to learn from.Steel structure engineering is a complex system engineering, safety issues involve many factors. To ensure the safety of construction, we must make a choice between “comprehensively implementing the construction general contracting system” and “implementing the overall coordination responsibility of the construction unit for the safety production on the construction site”.At present, it is difficult to carry out the general contract system of construction in an all-round way.The government should revise and improve the relevant laws and regulations, implement the responsibility of production safety coordination in the construction site according to the principle of “who is responsible for the coordination”, urge the construction unit to strengthen the on-site safety production management, so as to make the production safety management in the later stage of the construction project orderly and standardized, and realize the safety production in the whole construction process.1、 The preparatory work of safety management in the construction of steel structure engineering safety technology management, in the early stage of construction to do a good job in all aspects of preparation.On the basis of ensuring safety investment, the safety management department, the functional department of the project management department, is responsible for supervising the implementation of safety measures, the establishment of safety management system, the use, maintenance and repair of safety appliances and supplies.(1) Ideological education.It is very important to instill the safe operation thought to the construction personnel.Safety officer is the supervisor of construction safety construction, which requires a strong sense of responsibility and comprehensive safety knowledge.The safety officer must hold the safety officer certificate and have safety management experience in several large-scale projects.Safety officers must receive retraining and examination, so as to continuously consolidate and improve their safety management ability.(2) Implementation guidelines.According to the national safety production policy of “safety first, prevention first” and construction policy of “safety first, quality first”, the project management department shall formulate the safety production responsibility system and implement it to each personnel, formulate the safety production responsibility target and conduct regular assessment, so as to construct a reasonable safety system.(3) Perfect supervision.The implementation of the supervision strategy is mainly to standardize the construction order of each link, at the same time, according to the actual situation of the whole project, formulate feasible safety supervision and safety management measures.Familiar with the drawings, construction site and environment, especially the distribution of safety important control points.In terms of certificate, it is required to have safety work experience and obtain the corresponding national certificate.(4) Professional training.According to the characteristics of the project, carry out professional training for safety personnel, including technical training and safety training, and organize the assessment.Lead workers to familiarize themselves with construction drawings, construction site and environment, especially the distribution of important safety control points.Check the relevant certificates of production safety management personnel, including qualification certificates.Conduct technical disclosure and safety disclosure to the safety personnel entering the site.Appoint the team leader.2、 Safety protection measures for work at height (1) in order to prevent falling from high places, operators must use safety belts when working at heights.Due to the large range of activities in the construction of steel structure engineering, it is difficult to meet the construction requirements by using ordinary safety belt. Therefore, the safety belt with speed difference automatic control device (also known as speed difference device or anti falling device or anti falling buffer) should be adopted.When hoisting and installing steel column, in order to ensure that the workers remove the steel wire rope for hoisting in a safe state, a safety rope is added at the hook, and the height is determined according to the site, which is used to hang the anti falling device on the safety belt.When climbing the steel ladder, the self-locking device is used to solve the problem of unprotected steel ladder.When using the self-locking device, attention should be paid not to install it reversely; when climbing, the self-locking device should always go with the construction personnel, and the safety belt must be hung on the hook of the falling protector to avoid falling accidents.(2) After more than two sections of safety rope are hung on the steel beam and steel column, the safety protection rope (steel wire rope or thick palm rope) must be set up to tie the safety belt.Φ 6 mm steel wire rope is suspended on the steel beam with the suspension height of 1.2 m. The ∟ 70 × 70 × 7 (mm) with a height of no less than 1.2 m shall be erected every 3 m to support the safety rope, and the basket bolt shall be used to tighten the safety rope to prevent the safety failure caused by too long safety rope.When workers walk up the steel beam, the safety belt must be hung on the safety rope.(3) The steel ladder shall be set with ∟ 70 × 70 × 7 (mm) as the ladder support, M14 bolts to fix the angle steel on the steel column, 40 × 4 (mm) flat steel as the handrail and Φ 14 round steel as the ladder stool. The width of the ladder shall not be less than 40cm. It must be firmly and stably connected with the steel column without shaking. 

        (4) When installing the steel beam and support of the operation platform, the main steel beam shall be hung with safety protection rope, and the personnel shall hang the safety belt on the protection rope for walking.Steel columns are installed in sections.During butt joint and bolt fastening, in order to ensure the safety operation of workers, the operation platform shall be erected at the position 1.2m away from the top of the first steel column.The number of platforms shall be determined according to the construction progress on site to ensure the normal turnover and not affect the hoisting work.The setting of installation operation platform creates a good working environment for welders and ensures the safe operation of welders.The platform is convenient for disassembly and assembly, safe and reliable, which provides safety production guarantee for steel column butt installation, correction, weld appearance treatment, ultrasonic flaw detection and other processes.3、 Materials lifting and hoisting (1) tools used for installation, such as torque wrench, crowbar, angle grinder, etc., shall be provided with safety protection rope to prevent falling.The bolts, gaskets, etc. for hand use should be put into the tool bag.(2) All objects that may fall during construction shall be removed or fixed first.(3) When gas cutting or electric welding is used at high altitude, measures shall be taken to prevent the metal, molten bead or spark from falling down and injuring people.(4) In the process of hoisting and installation, check whether the rigging, steel wire rope and hook are firm. The lifting point should be selected properly before lifting. If unsafe hidden danger is found, the construction should be stopped immediately and reported to the relevant personnel.4、 Hot work (1) two groups of effective fire extinguishers shall be provided according to the requirements, and special personnel shall be assigned to watch the fire, and spark hopper shall be used below.(2) Do not touch oxygen cylinder with oil hand, and prevent crane or other mechanical oil from falling onto oxygen cylinder.(3) Oxygen and acetylene cylinders must be placed in a standard manner, and isolation measures shall be set above the cylinders to prevent ignition of cylinders during cross operation.Acetylene cylinder must be equipped with anti flashback device when using, and strictly implement the safety operation regulations of electric welder.(4) The hanging basket for welding operation shall be hung on the hanging piece on the upper wing plate of the main beam.The welding operator can safely weld by hanging the safety belt on the safety rope.The hanging basket is easy to hang and dismantle, safe and reliable, and has a wide range of uses. It provides a safe production guarantee for the final tightening of high-strength bolts, weld appearance treatment, ultrasonic flaw detection and other processes.(5) Fire protection.In order to prevent electric welding fire, firstly, the management system of electric welding should be formulated, special safety and technical disclosure of electric welding operation should be carried out, and the approval procedures for hot work should be handled. The fire prevention personnel and facilities should be in place and effective. In the electric welding operation, the fire basin should be set up to prevent the fire disaster or damage to the equipment caused by spark splashing, so that the electric welding operation can be carried out smoothly under the controllable state of fire safety.5、 The management of temporary power utilization shall be implemented in accordance with the technical code for safety of temporary power utilization on construction site (JGJ 46-2005).(1) The “TN-S zero connection protection system of three-level power distribution and two-stage protection” is implemented for the construction power supply on site.The electric box shall be equipped with door, lock, number and clear responsible person.(2) Mechanical equipment must be protected by neutral protection and repeated grounding.(3) Overhead insulation measures shall be adopted for cable routing, and dragging ground is strictly prohibited.(4) After work, the professional electrician shall check the temporary power supply on the construction site and turn off the power supply.(5) The special switch box for electric welding machine shall be installed with isolating switch (visible obvious section point), leakage protector and secondary electric shock protector from left to right, and the box door and box body shall be connected with the terminal board of protection line.6、 The use of warning signs and warning lines, in addition to hanging safety ropes on steel beams and columns, should set up red and white warning lines at the edge and opening of the floor, and set warning signs at the adjacent floors (safety belts or safety slogans, slogans, etc.) should be set up at the adjacent floors.7、 Conclusion to sum up, although the safety management of steel structure construction site is complex and changeable, if we can strengthen the control and inspection of the main links in the construction process, and achieve fine and standardized management, I believe we will be able to ensure the smooth, orderly and safe construction and production. 


Post time: Jul-10-2020