Basic knowledge of steel structure engineering

Basic knowledge of steel structure engineering


Steel structure is made of steel plate, hot-rolled section steel and cold-formed thin-walled section steel.

Structure with other materials

Compared with the following advantages:

(1) Material strength is high and steel quality is light.

(2) Good toughness, plasticity and even material.

(3) Simple manufacture and short construction period.

(4) Good sealing.


The disadvantages of steel structure are as follows:

(1) The strength has no change when the temperature is 150 ℃, but it is 0.3 when the temperature is 600 ℃.

(2) The corrosion resistance of steel is poor and the maintenance cost is high.The steel used for steel structure includes steel plate, steel strip, section steel (I-beam, channel steel, angle steel), steel pipe and steel casting, etc

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