Analysis of steel structure budget core data

Analysis of steel structure budget core data

For the construction of steel structure houses, we also have the same construction process as other buildings.We also need to carry out a variety of accounting, as for how to grasp the accounting of each kind of data, that may be the requirements of each project is different.Let’s take a look at how to grasp these data more reasonably.

1. Paint problem

According to the national standard, the area of steel structure is calculated as 58 m2 / T; the empirical calculation of large steel structure is 25-30 m2 / T.Paint consumption per square meter: 1 * 50 μ m thick epoxy zinc rich primer — about 0.25kg/m2.1 * 100 μ m thick epoxy mica iron oxide intermediate paint — about 0.4 kg / m2; 2 * 40 μ m thick acrylic aliphatic polyurethane topcoat — about 0.25 kg / m2.Budget paint consumption of 1000 tons of steel structure: thick epoxy zinc rich primer: 1000 tons × 30 square meters / ton × 0.25 kg / m2 = = 7500 kg; thick paste epoxy mica iron oxide intermediate paint: 1000 tons × 30 square meters / ton × 0.4 kg / m2 = = 12000 kg; thick acrylic acid aliphatic polyurethane top coat 1000 tons × 30 square meters / ton × 0.25 kg / m2 = = 7500 kg.Quotation is only a form. Quotation according to tonnage is currently adopted in the list of national standards, so as to facilitate completion settlement,The calculation of the surface area is also very simple. Generally, excel is used to calculate the total surface area. The tonnage of different plate thickness can be listed. The surface area of different plates will be listed naturally (regardless of the area in the direction of plate thickness). After deducting the parts that are not painted, the total surface area will come out.Our general practice is to calculate the paint area, calculate the paint cost and quote according to the tonnage.If the quota can be set, but pay attention to the proportion of thinner members and thicker members. Note: it is not cost-effective to calculate the C-section steel according to the tonnage, but the main component can. 

It is estimated that one kilogram of paint can be sprayed for 5 square meters, which is related to the operation mode of workers


2. Data of a typical plan 

Budget estimate of light steel plant

No. unit unit price (yuan) total price (10000 yuan) remarks 


1 Foundation cushion (C10) 462.35m2 10.052 foundation concrete (C25) 159.97lm 10.023 foundation reinforcement 9.23t 10.004 foundation earthwork 794.88lm 10.085 ground 4044.00m2 10.40 including cushion structure layer 6 rigid frame column (Q345) 38.48t 10.00 steel consumption 4.76 (kg / m2) 7 rigid frame beam (Q345) 31.22t 10.00 steel consumption 3.86 (kg / m2) 8Platform beam (Q345) 110.07 tons 10.01 steel quantity 13.61 (kg / m2) 9 Platform column (Q345) 29.28 tons 10.00 steel consumption 3.62 (kg / m2) 10 roof support (Q235) 2.05 tons 10.00 steel consumption 0.25 (kg / m2) 11 column support (Q235) 4.15 tons 10.00 steel consumption 0.51 (kg / m2) 12 corner brace (Q235) 0.33 tons 10.00 steel consumption 0.04 (kg / m2) 13 purlin (Q235) 17.44 tons 10.0014 wall beam (Q235) 10.59 ton 10.00 steel quantity 1.31 (kg / m2) 15 tie bar (Q235) 3.28 ton 10.00 steel weight 0.41 (kg / m2) 16 brace (Q235) 0.97 ton 10.00 steel consumption 0.12 (kg / m2) 17 steel structure fire prevention 247.86 ton 10.02 18 roof work 4049.05 M2 10.40 including roof panel and insulation layer 19 Wall Engineering (plate) 2410.48 M2 10.2420 Wall Engineering (brick wall) 338.64 M2 10.03 double plastering 21 edge wrapping gutter 4049.05 M2 10.40 including downpipe 22 high strength bolts (M20) 2000.00 sets 10.20 large hexagon (grade 10.9) 23 high strength bolts (M16) 1508.00 sets 10.15 large hexagon (grade 10.9) 24 anchor bolts (M20) 372.00 sets 10.04 Q235


Sub total 20700 yuan (3.0%) unforeseen cost (3.0%) 0600 yuan (total 21300 yuan) unit cost 2.64 (yuan / m2) total construction area 8088.0 (square meters) unit steel consumption 30.65 (kg / m2) total steel consumption 247.9 (tons)

Third, about the problem of loss


1. Customers usually add 5% loss at most when quoting. Xsteel is used for drawing, and there is nesting software for nesting. When purchasing materials, the plate is 3% at most, and the profile is 1%. There are few problems.2. The actual material consumption of the plant can be controlled below 3%.3. 5% for those who know the trade and 8% for those who don’tIt is clearly stipulated in the steel structure construction manual that the angle steel below 75 * 75 is 2.2%, 80 * 80 ~ 100 * 100 is 3.5%, 120 * 120 ~ 150 * 150 is 4.3%, 180 * 180 ~ 200 * 200 is 4.8%, with an average of 3.7%; I-beam below 14A is 3.2%, below 24a is 4.5%, under 36a is 5.3%, under 60A is 6%, average is 4.75%; channel steel below 14a is 3.0%, below 24a is 4.2%, below 36a is 4.8%, average is 4.3%The thickness of steel plate is 2.0% for 1 ~ 5mm, 4.5% for 6 ~ 12mm, 6.5% for 13 ~ 25mm, 11% for 26 ~ 60mm, with an average of 6%. 6. In the contract, the loss must be specified to prevent future trouble.

IV. main items of steel structure

For regular workshop, no matter heavy steel or light steel, the calculation of engineering quantity is also very regular. It can be divided into the following systems for calculation without missing items: 1. Rigid frame system: including the calculation of quantities of rigid frame column, rigid frame beam, beam column, beam beam beam, connection plate between column and foundation, cushion plate, column splicing plate and beam splicing plate.2. Inter column support system: including the calculation of the quantities of cross cross bracing, cross bracing, horizontal rigid tie bar and connection plate at the connection with rigid frame column.3. Roof support system: including the calculation of roof horizontal support, horizontal rigid tie bar and connecting plate at the connection with rigid frame beam.4. Roof maintenance system: including the calculation of the quantities of roof C-section steel (according to the specifications and models of different materials in design), roof purlin tie rod, roof purlin rigid tie rod, corner brace, roof purlin bracket, contact plate at the joint of corner brace and roof beam, and roof color tile.5. Wall maintenance system: including wall C-shaped steel (according to the specifications and models of different materials designed), wall purlin tie rod, wall purlin rigid rod, wall purlin bracket, gable column, gable column and rigid frame beam connection node, window frame, door frame, connection node between door and window frame and wall beam, and wall color tile engineering quantity calculation.6. Crane beam system: including crane beam, car stop, connection node between crane beam and rigid frame column, brake beam, track and rail pressure parts.7. Awning system: including the calculation of awning cantilevered steel beam (primary and secondary beam) and colored tile.It should be noted that for general installation bolts, we do not record the quantity, because the cost of this part has been included in the lump sum unit price of manufacturing and installation. However, for high-strength bolts, the quantity should be determined according to the category of main materials.The above calculation program, is my experience in steel structure budget, for the bidding price, or for the technical personnel to prepare the construction scheme are clear at a glance, skilled words to complete a general light steel plant from the calculation of quantities to the tender offer takes 1.5 days to complete!To share with you, there are deficiencies, please give more advice!Bill of quantities budget 1. Steel column (including purlin supporting plate) 2. Upper and lower cushion block (- 80 × 80 × 20, – 80 × 80 × 6) 3. Anchor bolt 4. Beam (including purlin supporting plate) 5. Anchor nut (one pole and three female) 6. Roof panel 7. Roof buckle 8. Purlin 9. Corner brace 10. Straight brace. Diagonal brace 11. Straight brace sleeve 12. Tie bar (tie beam)13、 Crane beam, crane beam connecting plate, brace 14, wall panel 15, edge closing ① inner plate of roof ridge ② outer plate of roof ridge ③ dripping of cornice ④ gable corner ⑤ corner of wall surface ⑥ internal corner of cornice and wall connection point of wall ⑦ skirting of wall, door, window, rain shed, 10 parapet flashing of gable parapet, coping of parapet 16, high strength bolt 17, ordinary galvanized bolt (purlin and corner brace)18、 Plain nut 19, M16, M20…Ordinary bolt 20, self tapping screw, rivet waterproof glue 21, support (angle steel or round steel) 22, parapet column 23, gutter (including gutter plug), water hopper (round pipe) 24, downpipe, clamp, elbow 25, parapet inner plate, canopy bottom plate, canopy panel 26, gable angle steel27、 Windows and doors (sliding door, sliding door, bearing, door leaf, etc.) 

Steel content of five doors (excluding crane)

Steel content of span (kg / m2) 

12 10~23 15 15~22 20 18~24 30 25~34 36 28~38 48 30~45 60 45~60 

Loss of six color steel plate

1It can be calculated in meters or square meters 

22% of the loss of the roof panel can be completely beat. The quantity of the wallboard depends on the drawings, which should be greater than 3%. 3. The cost of the loss should be added to the unit price, because if the audit is carried out, the amount will not be recognized. 

On the section length of C-section steel 

1The calculation of section size of C-section steel should also be based on its processing technology. For example, the C-section steel of c200x60x20x2.5 is actually made of 340mm wide 2.5mm-thick thin steel coil pressed by special cold bending machine. Therefore, the specific section size of C-section steel should be the sum of all side lengths minus 4 bending angles (each bending angle is 5mm).For example, the section length of C-section steel of c200x60x20x2.5 is (200 + 60 + 60 + 20 + 20-20 = 340) 2, or the blanking width of C-section steel is the expanded width minus 8 times of thickness, and the blanking width of Z-section steel is 5 times of the expanded width of plate  

8. Cost of studs

There is a proportion, you can install tonnage accounting, stud factory is also installed 1 ton, which can produce multiple finished products to calculate, the general per ton 12000 yuan, then the production length of 95mm is 10000 sets, 125mm is 8600 sets.Now Beijing can take 4-5 yuan / set, including the price of magnetic ring, 3-4 yuan of comprehensive unit price of product + 1 yuan of construction = 4-5 yuan, considering the actual situation and considering 2% loss 

IX. weight of weld 

1.The weight of welding seam generally accounts for about 2% of the component 

2.The weight of weld is not included in the total amount. 3. The cost of flaw detection can be negotiated with the owner 


X. cost of sand blasting and rust removal 

1.The sand blasting of steel structure reaches Sa2.5, and the price is about 150-200 yuan / ton  

11. On

1.Construction and installation tax (small ticket) 

Construction and installation project tax refers to the business tax, urban maintenance and construction tax and education surcharges that should be included in the construction and installation project cost as stipulated by the national tax law. 1) business tax; the tax amount of business tax is 3% of the business tax; 2) urban maintenance and construction tax = payable business tax x applicable tax rate, 7% for taxpayers in urban areas, 5% for counties and towns, and 1% for rural areas3) The educational surtax is 3% of the business tax. For convenience of calculation, the total length is calculated together, and the tax is calculated based on the project cost plus profit.That is: Tax = (direct cost + indirect cost + profit) x tax rate, here the tax rate = {1 / [1 - business tax rate X (1 + urban maintenance and construction tax rate + education surcharge tax rate)] – 1} X100% if the project is in the urban area: 3.41% if the project is in the county town: 3.35% if the project is in the rural area: 3.22% 2. Value added tax * * (large bill)Because steel structure enterprises belong to processing enterprises, they should charge 17% value-added tax according to the tax rate of processing enterprises, but in fact, a large part of the value-added tax has been deducted from the purchase of materials. The actual amount is: (processing and manufacturing part of the project cost / 1.17) * 17% – material cost * 17% is equal to the actual tax paid, which is about 3%. If the steel structure construction enterprise writes 17% of the tax, Party A may either Confused, so the 3.41% of the project rate table is used to calculate the tax. In fact, the tax value of steel structure processing enterprises is different from that of the construction industry. The tax of each project is calculated according to the actual situation rather than a fixed value.Note: the above material cost is calculated as follows: the market price is 1000 yuan per ton. If I buy one ton, the material cost is 1000 yuan, not 1017 yuan actually paid to the material supplier 

12 man machine material ratio

In general engineering, the ratio of man-machine material is 1:1.5:4.1 

XIII fire retardant coating 

1.The first level cost is 60 yuan / m2, and the second level cost is 40 yuan / m2. If it is too low, how can the fire department pass the test? 2. The fire retardant coating should be tested. Communicate with the supervisor in advance. What experiments should be done and whether the supplier should provide the test fee 

14. Transportation expenses

1.40-50Yuan / T

15. Composition of processing and installation costs

Our steel structure manufacturing and installation is divided into three parts: labor costs, machinery costs, auxiliary materials costs.Because of different structure and material size, the cost is also different; the labor cost of workshop manufacturing is 180 ~ 280 / T, including section steel, H steel, lattice type; auxiliary materials and machinery cost is 300 ~ 400 / T, including blanking, welding, assembly, grinding; shot blasting 250 / T; ordinary paint 200 / T; management fee, mechanical depreciation 150, and tax plus 60 / T; installation.Relatively simple, such as light steel labor costs 150, machinery costs 100, auxiliary materials 50300 to block can be done.

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