Advantages of using high-rise steel structure

Advantages of using high-rise steel structure

1。The construction speed of high-rise buildings is faster.

Most of the mechanisms of steel structure are produced in factories.They can be assembled by welding or bolting.They can work all day because the steel structure itself can be constructed as a bearing structure.They can work with templates, greatly reducing costs.The speed of construction has been greatly accelerated.


2.The pipeline layout is also very convenient.

In the process of using steel structure, truss members or cavity members are used.The pipeline layout in this way is relatively simple and convenient.It is also very convenient to replace and repair after installation.


3。Steel structure, high strength, light weight.

The strength of steel structure is relatively high, which can increase its effective area in the effective area. Generally, high-rise steel structure only needs to occupy about 3% of the area, while the cross-sectional area of concrete structure accounts for 7% – 9% of the building area.


4, more environmental protection

Because Guiyang steel structure is rarely used in the construction of sand, stone, soil and other materials, there will be no dust and noise pollution in the use process, and the use is more environmentally friendly.


At present, the steel structure grid has been widely used, so the state has also promulgated the quality supervision and inspection standards of the product.Only grid products that meet the standards can be used in buildings.The first thing to check is the materials used in the whole power grid. Although they are all steel structures, there are many kinds of steel.The quality and price of domestic steel and imported steel are quite different.Different steels will affect the quality of the whole grid structure, so this is also the first choice for quality inspection.Objectives.


Check whether the processing and design of the whole steel grid structure are reasonable.This is a very important space structure product.If there are defects in the design, it will not take a long time to produce quality problems, or even seriously threaten the safety of people around, so design drawings are also needed.Before entering the implementation phase, a ratio check must be carried out.During the installation process, site supervision shall be carried out to check whether the installation procedures and methods are in place, whether the site has been cleaned up, whether the safety environment has been realized, etc.Through the inspection and supervision of the on-site installation, we can better understand whether the safety of the power grid structure conforms to the national standards.Only by meeting the standards can people be more comfortable.


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