Metal Light Fabricated Galvanized Prefab Public Prefabricated Stadium Building Steel Construction Sports Hall

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steel structure sports hall for a variety of purposes


We have constructed a wide array of different types of steel frame buildings. HJSD prefabricated structures are designed as lightweight, mobile, clear span buildings – temporary or permanent construction. Our steel structure sports hall are delivered with HJSD innovative insulation system and they offer the best price and utility value ratio. Thanks to easy assembling features, steel structure sports hall structures require less construction time, saving you with workers and machinery installation costs.


  • Standard: AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIS
  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China
  • Model Number:: Steel structure workshop
  • Application: Steel structure warehouse workshop building
  • Product name: design two story prefabricated steel structure workshop building
  • Keyword: steel structure building warehouse
  • Application Fields: Warehouse workshop shed hanger farm industrial/commercial building
  • Door: Rolling Door/Sliding Door
  • Application Fields: Warehouse workshop shed hanger farm industrial
  • windows: Pvc
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    Metal Light Fabricated Galvanized Prefab Public Prefabricated Stadium Building Steel Construction Sports Hall  (1)

    Sports hall buildings

    With a HJSD prefabricated halls, users can train year-round, regardless of outer weather.


    Our innovative double membrane insulation system provides full weather protection and best thermal insulation. As an option, steel structure sports hall buildings are equipped with lateral sliding openings, providing pleasant indoor environment with fresh outside air.


    Utilise your sports hall diversely.

    Our sports hall structures can be easily modified, and they accommodate several kinds of sports as well as large public events. HJSD sports halls include a genuinely open space without supporting columns.



    All of our steel structure sports hall buildings are equipped with high-quality steel frames that withstand changing weather conditions and different kinds of use.


    Warehouse buildings & Sports halls for industry

    Whether you need hall for storage, logistics or for manufacturing area, HJSD buildings are a quick and cost-effective solution for different industrial operations. With little or no artificial daylight, these prefabricated buildings are designed to adapt to heavy industrial applications, with many available options. Spacious and column-free warehouse buildings enable working with machines and handling large goods. You can also divide the large hall into smaller parts with partition walls. You can modify the space according to the products stored within it.


    Cost effective alternative for short term storage needs

    Conventional industrial buildings are expensive to build and maintain. steel structure sports hall building are a great alternative and can be built for a fraction of the cost, and time of conventional buildings. In addition, owners often pay lower property taxes.


    An apperance to support your company’s image

    The appearance of the building can be adapted to support the image of your company with different color standards and customized. The building also acts as an ad for your business.


    Logistic requirements taken on board in the design stage

    It is advisable to pay attention to logistics requirements, for example, at the design stage, to ensure that the building supports your operation in the best possible way.


    Chemical-resistant materials

    Durable materials ensure the longevity of our buildings, even if the materials stored in the building contain chemicals.

    Logistics and transport halls

    The building has no central support, so trucks and lifts can easily operate in any direction and high side wall clearance allows maximum utility.


    Our logistics warehouses provide durable shelter for incoming and outgoing deliveries that require areas for loading, unloading and interim storage. Our logistics warehouse solutions allow lorries and trains to be driven inside the building and the products to be loaded and unloaded efficiently indoors. Our warehouses can also be equipped with custom accessories.

    Efficient loading

    The logistics warehouse solutions allow lorries and trains to be driven inside the building and the products to be loaded and unloaded efficiently indoors or outdoors.


    Multi-functionality in simple structures and open spaces

    You can modify the building if you are looking to change the products stored in it. Large open areas provide a variety of possibilities in terms of modifying shelves and corridors, for instance.


    Equip your warehouse according to your operations

    You can equip your warehouse according to the requirements set by the products stored in your building. For instance, we can set up side shelters as additional protection for products and raw materials stored outdoors.


    Easily Relocated

    Our steel structure sports hall building is designed to be permanent, but can be quickly disassembled and relocated with minimal impact on the environment when compared to conventional constructions.


    Lower Project Cost

    Total project costs, including construction, can be significantly less than conventional construction.

    Clear-Span Design

    The absence of internal pillars or posts allows for maximum use of space. The high ceilings allow you clearance for moving or storing large equipment.

    Foundation Options

    The flexible nature of a steel structure sports hall accommodates foundation movement. In addition, there are more types of foundations available which can be quicker to install, resulting in less overall expense.

    Environment Friendly

    Small carbon footprint is created during manufacturing, transportation and installation. Our structure are Eco-friendly, with recycled steel .


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