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Steel structure workshop mainly refers to the main load-bearing components are composed of steel. Including steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel roof truss (of course, the span of the workshop is relatively large, and now it is basically steel structure roof truss), steel roof. Pay attention to the steel structure wall, you can also use brick wall maintenance. Many began to use steel structure workshop, specific can also be divided into light and heavy steel structure workshop. Industrial and civil construction facilities built with steel are called steel structures.

  • Standard: AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIS
  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China
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  • Application: Steel structure warehouse workshop building
  • Product name: design two story prefabricated steel structure workshop building
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  • Application Fields: Warehouse workshop shed hanger farm industrial/commercial building
  • Door: Rolling Door/Sliding Door
  • Application Fields: Warehouse workshop shed hanger farm industrial
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    The features of steel structure workshop are: 1. Light weight, high strength and large span. 2. The construction period of steel structure building is short, and the investment cost is reduced accordingly. 3. The steel structure building has poor fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and it is not suitable to use steel structure in areas with low temperature. 4. The steel structure building is easy to move and can be recycled without pollution.

    Performance editing of steel structure workshop
    Earthquake resistance
    Most of the roofs of low rise villas are sloping roofs, so the roof structure basically adopts the triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed steel members. After sealing the structural plates and gypsum boards, the light steel components form a very solid “plate rib structure system”. This structural system has stronger seismic resistance and horizontal load resistance, and is suitable for the seismic intensity of more than 8 degrees Area.
    Steel structure workshop · Lida
    Steel structure workshop · Lida
    Wind resistance
    Steel structure building is light in weight, high in strength, good in overall rigidity and strong in deformation. The self weight of the building is only one fifth of that of the brick concrete structure, which can resist the hurricane of 70 meters per second, so that life and property can be effectively protected.
    The light steel structure residential structure is composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel member system. The steel skeleton is made of super anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet, which can effectively avoid the corrosion influence of steel plate in the construction and use process, and increase the service life of light steel components. The service life of the structure can reach 100 years.
    Thermal insulation
    Glass fiber cotton is the main thermal insulation material, which has good thermal insulation effect. The insulation board used for the external wall can effectively avoid the “cold bridge” phenomenon of the wall, and achieve better insulation effect. The thermal resistance of R15 insulation cotton with a thickness of about 100 mm can be equivalent to a brick wall with a thickness of 1 m.
    Sound insulation
    The sound insulation effect is an important index to evaluate the residential buildings. The windows installed in the light steel system are all made of insulating glass, which has good sound insulation effect, and the sound insulation effect is more than 40 db; the wall composed of light steel keel and thermal insulation material gypsum board can achieve the sound insulation effect as high as 60 dB.
    Dry construction can reduce the environmental pollution caused by wastes. The steel structure materials of houses can be recycled 100%, and most of other supporting materials can also be recycled, which conforms to the current environmental protection awareness. All materials are green building materials, which meet the requirements of ecological environment and are conducive to health.
    The light steel wall adopts high-efficiency energy-saving system, which has breathing function and can adjust indoor air dry and humidity; the roof has ventilation function, which can form a flowing air room above the house, so as to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements inside the roof.
    All dry construction, not affected by environmental seasons. A 300 square meter building, only 5 workers, 30 working days can complete the whole process from foundation to decoration.
    environment protection
    Materials can be 100% recycled, truly green pollution-free.
    energy conservation
    All adopt high efficiency energy-saving wall, heat insulation, sound insulation effect is good, can reach 50% energy-saving standard

    Advantages and disadvantages editing
    Wide range of uses: it can be used in factories, warehouses, office buildings, gymnasiums, aircraft hangars, etc. It is not only suitable for single story large span buildings, but also for multi-storey or high-rise buildings.
    2. Simple construction and short construction period: all components are prefabricated in the factory, and only simple assembly is needed on site, which greatly shortens the construction period. A 6000 square meter building can be basically installed in 40 days.
    Durable and easy to maintain: the steel structure designed by general purpose computer can resist the harsh weather and needs simple maintenance.
    4 beautiful and practical: the steel structure building line is simple and smooth, with a modern sense. There are many colors to choose from, and other materials can be used for the wall, so it is more flexible.
    5. Reasonable cost: steel structure building has light weight, reduces foundation cost, has fast construction speed, can be completed and put into operation as soon as possible, and its comprehensive economic benefit is much better than that of concrete structure building.
    1、 Analysis of quality problems in steel structure engineering
    There are many and complicated reasons for the quality of steel structure engineering, including problems caused by improper process, problems caused by violation of process operation, problems caused by construction personnel’s technical level and sense of responsibility, and quality problems caused by decision-makers’ mistakes.
    (1) Problems of steel
    During the processing of 1200 * 1200 * 60 box column of a building, a 60 mm thick plate as a web plate was suddenly found to be torn during welding, and a clear crack was visible to the naked eye From the thickness direction, it is divided into two parts. Through NDT, it is found that the crack depth is about 3mm. At the same time, it is found that there is interlayer in the plate and the poor rolling quality is the main reason for the quality problems. In the process of welding, due to the welding stress produced by welding, the sandwich material is pulled apart. As a result, the phenomenon of thick plate tearing along the thickness direction appears.
    Cause analysis: due to the particularity of the use part, the component is used as a web in the component. For the stiffener plate with full penetration groove in the welding form, due to the delamination inside the plate, the welding stress generated by welding is released outward, thus tearing the plate along the thickness direction.
    The following measures can be taken according to the actual situation:
    (1) The interlayers in a large number of steel products belong to the quality problems in the rolling process of the steel mill itself, which has exceeded the requirements of the national standards and specifications. The steel plant can be required to send personnel to verify and negotiate with the steel plant for return or replacement;
    (2) If the number of interlayer is small, the technical department and the owner can be consulted, the information will be fed back to the steel plant, and the construction remedial measures can be taken for the problems All parts are planed by air gouging, and the parts are filled with equal strength welding materials. After that, the surface is treated and NDT is carried out after the specified time. At the same time, the same components are sampled for physical and chemical inspection, which can be used continuously after meeting the design specification requirements;
    (3) Under the witness of the supervisor, the parts shall be cut off and replaced with qualified plates. The replaced parts shall be used for non load bearing and non important parts or used as auxiliary materials. After completion, NDT inspection shall be carried out after the specified time and records shall be made.

    (2) Problems in construction process
    Quality problems are easy to occur in the process of processing and manufacturing, and it is difficult to deal with them after the occurrence of quality problems. The proportion of general process quality problems is very small. There are special procedures in the process of coating and welding.
    1. Welding process. This process belongs to hidden engineering, and it is also one of the most prone to quality problems. According to the statistics of the product quality report of a company in 2004, the quality problems of this process include: due to The repair rate of welding seam caused by welding quality is as high as 80%, followed by the improper operation of the previous process and the technical problems of operators, which accounts for about 10% of the welding seam quality problems, which are the main problems directly affecting the engineering quality. Therefore, this type of problem must be detected and judged by professional testing company using professional testing tools. Generally, according to the type of defects in the weld, it can be divided into slag inclusion, undissolved, porosity, etc.
    2. Coating process. This process is also a hidden process, the impact on the structure is less than the impact on the building function. It is also a process prone to quality problems. The quality problems of the process are mainly as follows: the paint film on the surface of the component falls off in large area and local area; the paint film on the surface of the component falls off and sags; the thickness of the paint film is not enough; the distribution of the film thickness is uneven; and the color difference of the paint film is large.
    3. Lofting and blanking process. This process belongs to the leader before the component processing, and its quality has a direct impact on the next process, and even leads to the scrapping of all parts. This situation is very common, so it is very important and necessary to strengthen the process quality monitoring before blanking. The quality problems caused by this process are as follows: for the parts of strip and thin plate, the deformation is severe in the cutting process; due to the cutting gas or the existence of slag inclusion and uneven distribution of components in the plate, the depth of the cutting surface is beyond the standard; the parts caused by gas cutting or sawing do not consider the shrinkage deformation of subsequent processes The size of the parts exceeds the standard; the batch parts are scrapped due to the error of process document preparation; the size of cutting material seriously exceeds the requirements of the standard.
    4. Assembly process. This process plays an important role in the quality of component processing, and its quality is greatly affected by the previous process, so it is very important to strengthen process monitoring before assembly. Generation of the process The main quality problems are as follows: the position of the assembled parts is wrong, for example, the assembly of 3450 mm is 4350 mm; the use of the parts is wrong, which should have been assembled with 2 pieces of parts, but the assembly of 3 parts; the assembly errors of parts in the correct position, such as the hole 45mm on the board originally faces outward, but the actual 45mm is installed inward; the assembly clearance of the assembled parts exceeds the specifications and technical documents Some parts are assembled without correction, and the existing deformation can not be eliminated after assembly; the operator cut privately for the convenience of the drawing, resulting in the size of the hole on the part exceeding the standard; the surface treatment of the welding area is not carried out; the assembly error is caused by the wrong size of the drawing paper.
    (3) Usage problems
    Because of the nonstandard use of foam in steel structure factories, some manufacturers make use of low price non flame retardant materials to save costs, resulting in fire accidents caused by steel structures. [1]

    Construction editor
    Embedded parts
    (stable plant structure)
    Generally, H-beam or C-beam is used
    Generally, C-section steel and H-beam steel are used (the height of the intermediate product depends on the span of the beam)
    It is usually made of C-section steel and channel steel.
    There are two kinds, the first is single tile (color steel tile). The second is composite board (polystyrene, rock wool, polyurethane). (two layers of tiles are placed in the middle of the foam to serve as a warm and cool summer and sound proof effect).

    Feature editor
    Steel structure workshop mainly refers to that the main load-bearing components are composed of steel. It includes steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel roof truss (of course, the span of the workshop is relatively large, which is basically steel structure roof truss), steel roof. Pay attention to the steel structure wall, you can also use brick wall maintenance.
    Due to the increase of steel production in China, many of them have begun to use steel structure workshops, which can be divided into light and heavy steel structure workshops. Compared with other steel structures, it has the following characteristics:
    Steel structure workshop
    Steel structure workshop
    High strength, light weight
    Although the density of steel is higher than other building materials, its strength is very high. Under the same stress, the steel structure has small self weight and can be made into a structure with large span.
    Good plasticity and toughness
    The plasticity of steel is good, and the structure will not break suddenly due to accidental overload or local overload. The toughness of steel is good, which makes the structure more adaptable to dynamic load.
    The microstructure of steel is homogeneous and isotropic. The actual working performance of the steel structure is in good agreement with the theoretical calculation results, so the reliability of the structure is high.
    Due to the weldability of steel, the connection of steel structure is greatly simplified, which is suitable for manufacturing structures of various complex shapes.
    The manufacturing and installation of steel structure is highly industrialized
    The fabrication of steel structure is mainly carried out in specialized metal structure factory, so it is easy to make and has high precision. The fabricated components are transported to the site for installation, with high assembly degree, fast installation speed and short construction period.
    The internal structure of steel is very dense, so it is easy to be tight without leakage when welding, even riveting or bolt connection is used.
    Fire resistance
    When the surface temperature of steel is within 150 ℃, the strength of steel changes little, so the steel structure is suitable for hot workshop. When the temperature is higher than 150 ℃, the strength decreases obviously. When the temperature reaches 500-600t, the strength is almost zero. Therefore, in case of fire, the fire resistance time of steel structure is short, and sudden collapse will occur. Heat insulation and fire resistance measures shall be taken for steel structures with special requirements.
    Corrosion resistance
    Steel is easy to rust in humid environment, especially in corrosive medium environment, so it needs regular maintenance, which increases maintenance cost.

    Construction scheme editing
    Introduction to construction scheme (local frame) of steel structure workshop
    1、 Steel structure installation procedure
    Installation of steel column → installation of support between columns → temporary placement of steel crane beam → roof beam and roof support → correction and fixation of steel crane beam → installation of maintenance structure. The installation flow diagram is as follows:
    2、 Steel column installation
    (1) Due to the large weight and length of the steel column, it is impossible to make and transport the steel column at one time. Therefore, the steel column is fabricated in sections, assembled as a whole on site, and then hoisted. It is planned to divide the steel column into two sections. The steel column is transported to the site in two sections: the lower lattice part and the upper H-shaped steel column. The weight of the steel column is about 6 tons, and the positioning height is about 17 meters. The 50 ton truck crane can meet the hoisting requirements, and a 25 ton truck crane is used for hoisting.
    (2) Single machine rotary hoisting is adopted for hoisting. Before lifting, the wooden square should be padded at the position of the steel column foot plate to avoid the damage of the steel column foot plate during the lifting process. When lifting the steel column, the crane should lift the hook and rotate the arm to make the steel column vertical off the ground and put the column into the cup mouth.

    Daily maintenance editor
    1. After the installation of our steel structure workshop, for the owner, it is not allowed to change its structure without permission, remove any bolts and other parts, or add or reduce partition walls. If any part needs to be changed, it must be negotiated with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will determine whether it can be changed. The steel structure must be maintained with paint after 3 years, so as to give the building and beauty and safety. The steel structure workshop is connected by steel structure components, so when using electrical equipment, such as wires, the trunking and conduit should be used to isolate, so as to avoid electric shock accidents. [2]
    2. The steel structure workshop must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Under normal circumstances, it needs to be inspected and maintained once a year. When cleaning the exterior wall of the steel structure workshop, attention should be paid to avoid disorder. Steel ball, board brush and other abrasive cleaning products should not be used. When using clean water, it should be washed from top to bottom. If there are branches, leaves and other similar objects on the steel structure workshop, they should be removed in time to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by overstocking. If the surface of metal plate in steel structure workshop is damaged, repair it in time to avoid corrosion of metal plate surface by sunlight and rain. If necessary, all high elastic nano materials should be applied to protect the metal roof panel, and play an effective role in heat insulation and waterproof, and save energy for indoor air conditioning. [2]
    The maintenance of steel structure workshop has a great relationship with the service life of steel structure. Therefore, the industry has paid enough attention to it. If you encounter any problems in the maintenance, you should contact the professional steel structure manufacturer for help.

    Advantages editing of steel structure workshop
    Everyone’s life is closely related to nature. As long as we get along with nature in harmony, we can have a bright future. After combining these characteristics, steel structure has made great contributions to the construction industry. It not only beautifies the environment, but also strengthens the house when applied to the residence. It is people’s life and property to be protected, steel structure housing is really achieved with the combination of nature.
    After the Wenchuan earthquake, people’s understanding of the safety of buildings and the earthquake resistance of environmental factors has been greatly improved. Environmental problems and housing problems are closely linked and inseparable. When ensuring the safety of the house, we should ensure that there is no impact on the environment and live in harmony with nature. This is the task and mission of steel structure buildings.
    Environmental problems are the source of everything. Why is steel structure house so popular? It is precisely because it has so many advantages. Steel structure house is a residential building with bearing beam and column. Its advantages are self-evident, such as:
    1. The production of steel structure components in the factory can reduce the workload on site, shorten the construction period, meet the requirements of industrialization, not only save resources, but also reduce some unnecessary pollution.
    2. The steel structure factory production quality is reliable, the size is accurate, the installation is convenient, easy to cooperate with the related parts.
    3. It is light in weight and high in strength. The weight of the house built with steel structure is about 1 / 2 of that of the reinforced concrete residence. It can meet the needs of large space of residence, and the usable area is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete residence.
    4. The steel can be recycled, and it has less environmental pollution during construction and demolition. These advantages are the value of steel structure house. He used these advantages to hold up the “safety umbrella” of his life.
    5. Safety and reliability, good anti-seismic and wind resistance performance, strong load capacity, seismic capacity can reach grade 8, no collapse in large earthquake, no damage in medium earthquake is its style. The combination of people-oriented and nature is the value of steel structure houses. For building houses, personal safety is the most important thing. The Tangshan earthquake, Wenchuan earthquake, Ya’an earthquake and so on all make people deeply impressed.

    Note editor
    Precautions for roof design of steel structure workshop
    Anti seepage: prevent rainwater from seeping into metal roof panel from outside. Rainwater mainly enters the metal roof through lap joints or joints. In order to achieve the function of anti-seepage, it is necessary to adopt concealed fixation after using sealing washer at the screw mouth, use sealant or welding treatment at the lap joint of the plate, and it is better to use a full-length plate to eliminate the overlap, and tight waterproof treatment of abdominal distension at various joints.
    Fire prevention: the metal roof material will not burn in case of fire, and the flame will not penetrate the metal roof panel.
    Anti wind pressure: resist the local maximum wind pressure, and the metal roof panel will not be pulled off by negative wind pressure. The wind resistance performance is related to the buckle force of metal roof panel and fixed seat, and the density of fixed seat.
    Sound insulation: to prevent sound from being transmitted from outside to inside or from inside to outside. The sound insulation material (usually made of insulation cotton) is filled in the metal roof layer. The sound insulation effect is expressed by the difference of sound intensity on both sides of the metal roof layer. The sound insulation effect is related to the density and thickness of sound insulation materials. It should be noted that sound insulation materials have different blocking effects on different frequencies of sound.
    Ventilation: indoor and outdoor air exchange. Air vent shall be set on metal roof.
    Moisture proof: prevent the condensation of water vapor in the bottom layer of metal roof and metal roof layer, and drain the water vapor in the metal roof layer. The solution is to fill the metal roof with insulation cotton, lay waterproof membrane on the metal roof bottom plate, and have ventilation nodes on the metal roof panel.
    Load bearing: Bear construction load, rain water, dust, snow pressure and maintenance load. The load-bearing performance of metal roof panel is related to the cross-section characteristics of plate type, the strength thickness of material, the way of force transmission and the spacing of purlins (auxiliary purlins).
    Lightning protection: lead the lightning to the ground to prevent the lightning from breaking through the metal roof and entering the room.
    Heat preservation: prevent heat transfer on both sides of metal roof to stabilize indoor temperature. The insulation function is realized by filling thermal insulation materials (glass wool and rock wool commonly used) under the metal roof panel. The thermal insulation effect is expressed by U value, and the unit is w / m2k. The thermal insulation performance is determined by the following factors: the raw material, density and thickness of the insulation cotton; the humidity of the insulation cotton; the connection mode between the metal roof panel and the lower structure (to prevent the “cold bridge” phenomenon); the repeated ability of the metal roof layer to heat radiation.
    Daylighting: improve indoor lighting through skylight during the day to save energy. When the lighting board or glass is arranged at the specific position of the metal roof, the service life of the skylight shall be coordinated with the metal roof panel, and the waterproof treatment shall be done at the joint of the skylight and the metal roof panel.
    Beautiful: the metal roof has good texture and pleasant color.
    Control thermal expansion and cold contraction: control the shrinkage displacement and direction of metal roof panel. To ensure that the metal roof panel will not be damaged by the stress caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction in areas with large temperature difference.Anti avalanche: the metal roof in the snowfall area is equipped with snow barrier railings to prevent the snow from sliding suddenly.Icicle: to prevent rain and snow from forming icicles at cornice

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