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Pre engineered building system is unmatched in its speed and value. Buildings, to suit specific needs, are designed, engineered, manufactured and shipped to the site and erected at a cost that is as low as 30 percent of the cost of conventional steel buildings (when compared to speed of occupancy and space usability).

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  • Application: Steel structure warehouse workshop building
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  • Application Fields: Warehouse workshop shed hanger farm industrial
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    Metal building system manufacturers custom design the buildings to meet specific needs. Factors such as building use, applicable building codes, loading conditions, and serviceability requirements are considered. Metal buildings are governed by the same building codes and material standards as other forms of construction. Advanced computer programs help facilitate design customization and optimization.


    The System


    Metal building systems are interdependent assemblages of structural elements that work together to create a very efficient structural system. The basic elements of the metal building system are primary frames (structural steel members), secondary purlin and girt members (cold-formed steel and steel joists), and metal roof and wall cladding systems. To ensure building integrity, only work with an accredited system manufacturer who provides the entire building as a single source control point.


    The Structure


    Metal building systems can span great widths and lengths with or without additional interior supports. Where very large areas are required, and interior columns are not a problem, the modular rigid frame is an ideal solution. These provide flexibility in layout and design and ease of expansion for future growth. With a roof slope of 1/4 inches to 12 inches, even a 1000-foot building can be designed without excessive height.


    One of the inherent advantages of a metal building system, and one of the key reasons that allows it to be perhaps the best value in construction today, is the industry’s ability to utilize “welded up” frames as opposed to mill sections. In this way, the engineer using sophisticated computer programs can design the most efficient shape for the building frame. The steel material is placed where it is needed and eliminated from where it is not, adding economy without compromising design. Typically, welded shapes are only welded on one side. There is technically no reason for welding to be on both sides unless shear force requires it, and shear force in rigid frames is usually relatively low.


    The Roof System


    There are many different types of metal roof systems designed to meet the performance and aesthetics needs of your building. Studies indicate metal roofing can last 50 years or longer, compared to 20 years or less with ordinary roofing, according to Ducker research.


    With a standing seam metal roof system you have options:


    Add painted coating systems for rich colors and protection.

    Cool roof coating pigments can reflect 80% of the solar radiation making your building cooler with the roof maintaining 95% of its reflective qualities over the life of the building.

    Solar panels can be clipped to the seams without penetrating the roof.

    Day lighting brings the outdoors in and reduces a building’s lighting requirements.

    The Walls


    What distinguishes metal building systems is their surprising variety due to the flexibility allowed through different combinations of wall materials. Since the structural steel frame bears the load, there are options for architectural or industrial metal walls, brick, glass, wood, masonry, EIFS, tilt-up, insulated steel wall panels or other materials.


    Why Choose Pre-Engineered Building (PEB)?


    Pre engineered buildings (PEB) are an excellent solution to the various complications related to constructing in the traditional way. Pre engineered steel buildings are the latest in the field of pre fabricated buildings, and they offer numerous advantages. Some of the advantages are:


    Pre engineered buildings are built with extreme precision and dimensional accuracy due to the fact that they are manufactured in-house and then assembled at the construction site. This precision and dimensional accuracy ensure maximum efficiency and proper utilization of space.

    These prefab buildings are very environment friendly since steel structure is recyclable steel and can be used over and over again. Thus after pre engineered steel buildings are demolished; the steel can be further utilized instead of lying in heaps and adding to environmental pollution.

    Most of the pre engineered buildings built these days are based on the green concept, i.e. they are designed and built in such a way that they save maximum energy and have a minimal impact on the environment. Some of the features of a green building are energy efficiency, made up of an environment friendly material and offers a healthy and conducive indoor living environment.

    Steel as a building material offers numerous benefits such as ease to build, easy to maintain, fire resistance, high durability and the ability to recycle. But it is important to choose a good quality steel building supplier so that the steel material used is of the best quality and offers all of the above mentioned benefits.

    Even though steel is an expensive metal, yet when the overall savings due to a steel building are considered, then it comes out to be a very cheap and affordable building material. By applying a special coating on steel, it can be made rust proof. Moreover it is insect and termite resistant and the maintenance cost associated with steel is much lower as compared to other benefits. A properly built building from a reputed steel building supplier is very durable and is resistant to extreme weather conditions.


    PEB (pre-engineered buildings) have a plenty of advantages. First of all they are over all low cost. It’s easy to use their structural members. A secondary part allows overlapping and foundation is lighter.Pre-engineered buildings have a high design quality. Welding is making and controlling by professional welders. All materials using on pre-engineered buildings have to match and because of this only standard material can be used. All materials are designing on a quality plan. Buildings are preparing in a short period and controlling in standards. A pre- engineered building carries all characteristics of steel buildings. It’s lifetime usable and very strong. It may resist to a big storm or earthquake.

    The special features of PEB are :


    Turnkey Solutions

    Consistent & Superior Quality

    Savings in Construction Time

    Reduction in project cost

    Suitable for varied projects

    Flexibility in expansion

    Low maintenance

    Energy efficiency

    Architectural versatility


    PEB System is since long a standard in commercial and industrial market segments such as warehouse, distribution centers and industrial facilities are continuing to make greater inroads into the low-rise sophisticated building market, commercial office buildings and mixed use facilities. Institutional and governmental constructions are some of the areas where PEB building systems are being used more and more. These buildings are increasingly recognized as reliable, aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient motor repair and cost-effective building alternatives. The sustainable green attributes of metal building systems with their recycled content recycle-ability makes them a natural choice for today’s owners.


    We produce a range of steel buildings such as :


    Multi Storied Building

    Factory Building


    Shopping Centers




    Cold Stores

    Aircraft Hangers

    Hospital  etc.



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